8 Months with Ryan

8 months with Ryan?!? Whatttt!!!

I still don’t understand how time goes by so fast.

She is still my happiest little babe yet. Literally always smiles and laughing unless she’s hangry, which she definitely gets from me ha.

Two months of eating and I don’t think there’s a food she doesn’t like. We’ve introduced 93 things so far and she’s loving every minute of it! She eats three real meals a day just like her big siblings and honestly probably eats more food than them at this point lol.

She isn’t my best sleeper but is finally sleeping from 7pm to 6ish and I’m hoping to keep stretching that longer. Her favorite things these days are eating, playing with her siblings, and saying “dada” on repeat all day long. She’s not crawling yet but that doesn’t slow her down. She just scoots and rolls to get whatever is out of reach.

We all just love her so much and can’t image life without her! The big kids are still just as obsessed and I love watching them all play together as Ry’s getting bigger.

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