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Waylen: 15 Months

My little baby is really no longer a baby. Over the last three months he has seriously become my little man!

He went from barely taking a step or two to full on running around the house. He also is officially no longer my toothless toddler! In the 6 short weeks after his first birthday he sprouted ten, TEN FREAKIN TEETH. He took it like a champ though and survived by teething on frozen waffles! Some nights he would be a little cranky but his main teething symptom was just a lack of appetite!

Over the last three months some of Waylen’s favorite things have been exploring the outdoors, kissing himself in the mirror, brushing his teeth, the record player, bikes, balloons, cheffing it up in his kitchen, reading, belly flopping into his ball pit, throwing two balls at once, and stacking his blocks/ legos!

He also pretty much always has a random everyday object in his hands while running around. The roku remote, computer mouse, or a mini hairbrush are some of his favorites! It is so silly! Even better though, he is so smart! He can identify so many objects and pictures now (bike, balloon, all of this stuffed animals, bowls, Pickles, Ramone, nose, teeth, etc.) and can follow simple instructions. He knows how to stack his blocks and has started putting shapes through those holes on his toy. He’s still not a big talker, (well in English at least!) He says yeah, mama, dada, and “da” for dog. I heard boys take longer to talk, plus Waylen has a tongue tie so I’m not sure when he’ll start really communicating.

He definitely is still my good eater but it can take him a few tries now to actually eat something new. His favorites these days are chicken meatballs, sweet potatoes, broccoli, protein waffles, Banza pasta, and chips. He lovesssss chips from all Mexican restaurants ha.

It is so amazing watching his little personality come out. He is still so giggling and loves to laugh and play! He loves to mimic mom or dad and finds it so silly.

He seriously is the cutest, sweetest little babe there ever was and I swear I’m not just saying it because he’s my baby! Ha. I cannot wait to see what the rest of the year brings!

3 thoughts on “Waylen: 15 Months”

  1. Awwww how cute our boys are about the same age and I did baby led weaning too ! How did you get him to love brushing and any toothpaste that you are using ? I can’t get Vincent to get a brush in there!

    Thank you in advance!


    1. He’s always just loved doing it himself! I’ll give him the toothbrush and let him go at it and then help get some good scrubbing in towards the end. He seriously loves to rinse his brush so I’ll sit him on counter so he can reach in the sink! And for toothpaste we actually don’t use any yet! Just water! Our dentist said toothpaste isn’t necessary until 2 and since Waylen got his teeth so late we haven’t tried any yet!


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