36 Week Update

I cannot believe I’m 36 weeks! This was the last update post I did before Waylen was born which makes me writing this one even crazier! Like this baby could be here any day! Eek! March 15th please 🙏🏻 because TAX SEASON! Ha

This past month has flown by, again. I’m officially up to 118.8 lbs (up 17.8 from my pre-pregnancy weight) and am feeling as out of shape as ever. I never realized how hard walking up stairs could be lol. Or how much energy I use just keeping up with Waylen! He’s a wild man! Plus I have this lingering cold that just won’t go away! Ugh!

It also doesn’t help that I had a bad fall last week! Seriously SO SCARY! I landed directly on my stomach so of course I ran right to L&D to get checked. They monitored me all night and everything checked out! Thank God! Chappy and I were pretty hysterical waiting to find out if baby was okay. Of course there was no movement during this time either so we were expecting the worst. I hope I never have to go through anything like that again!

My symptoms right now aren’t toooo bad, just some reflux/heartburn, nauseous if I eat too much, and some sporadic nerve pain that comes and goes in my back/groin area. I never had nerve pain with Waylen so I just imagine that this potato is low and ready to go!

Waylen is also ready to be a big brother! He loves talking to baby, kissing baby, hugging baby, and is currently convinced it’s a girl. Maybe it is! I LITERALLY HAVE NO IDEA HA. I’m definitely not one of those women who’s like “oh I’m positive I’m having this…” The only thing I’m sure of is that I’m definitely having a baby!

Alright guys- now lets all speak this into existence. THIS BABY WILL BE BORN MARCH 15th.

Read about Waylen’s 36 weeks Bumpdate HERE

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