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Nursery #2

Ahh I am seriously SO excited about this room! It honestly is my favorite in the entire house and I’m so happy with how it all came together!


First thing you’ll probably notice is that there’s actually not a crib in our new nursery ha. There’s a few reasons for this. First, Waylen slept in our room in a mini crib for 9 months and we plan on doing the same with this baby so if we did add a crib now it would sit untouched for a while. Second, we’re losing our guest room so I wanted a place for visitors to still be able to stay the night. We bought a futon couch to serve this purpose!

So for now this room will be our ultra awesome hang out spot for Waylen and I (and the new babe once they’re here.) To be honestly I’ve also mentioned to Chappy a few times that I might just want to keep it as is and have the next babe share rooms with Waylen when the time actually comes. Who knows what we’ll really end up doing though.

Some of my favorite pieces in this room are these wood farm animals. I mean how cute are they?!?


This rainbow weaving for my little rainbow babe:


And these prints! (We have some different ones from the same company in Waylen’s room!)


Hope you guys like it! I’ve also listen the rest of the items we purchased at the bottom for you guys. Enjoy 🖤











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