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It’s a …


And most importantly a tax season miracle! This little babe decided to hold on all the way until March 20th when we really only asked for her to wait until the 15th. Our little overachiever!

I delivered at 38 weeks 5 days, exactly 1 week after Waylen’s gestational age when he was born so everyone was surprised we had made it this far!


Now things are about to get real so if you don’t want to read about the amazing miracle of childbirth, maybe this post isn’t the one for you!

This time around labor started surprisingly similar to Waylen’s. I had fallen asleep on the couch while Chappy was at work and when I got up to pee, my water broke! It’s funny because I kept telling Chappy I wish my water would just break so I’d know for sure labor was coming but then when it happened I still was like “wellllllll maybe I did just pee my pants” ha! With Waylen I went back to sleep, this time though I was pretty sure of what was happening so I called Chappy so he could head home!

We packed up and got to the hospital around 11.

I wasn’t feeling any contractions yet but it did show I was having some and was close to 4cm dilated. I got all checked in and then they let me walk around to help get things moving! This was probably around midnight. After walking around I started to feel the contractions and they were coming around every 5 minutes. I was rechecked around 2am and was 5cm. I decided to take a little walk again. I didn’t last as long this time and decided to do some bouncing on a ball to get this baby moving.

This is when contractions got real! The pressure was becoming pretty constant and most of the contractions felt like I was being stabbed! Ha BUT they only last about 45 seconds so I was still managing with a couple minutes in between each to recover. Chappy was real helpful here. (Hehe- I actually hate when people touch or bother me so he was doing just what I asked him to do!)

After baby was having some decelerations we decided to ditch the ball and get rechecked. This was probably sometime after 3am. I was 8cm and honestly this was the hardest part for me. I WANTED TO PUSH SO BAD!! But obviously you can’t until your 10cm so I had to wait and wait and wait. Okay, it probably wasn’t that long but oh my gosh it felt long! Ha It wasn’t even that they were super painful contractions at this point- it was just literally taking everything in me not to push.

Finally I was ten! I got to do one “practice push” while we waited for for the doctor to get in the room but then they made me wait again because baby was on the move! After the doctor got in, about 3 pushes later I heard “ITS A GIRL.”

Kennedy King Garner. Born at 4:10 am weighing 9lbs and measuring 19.5” long!

I pushed on my side this time which caused for a bit more of a mess after the fact ha but it was just what was most comfortable at the time. I mean, there is a lot of fluid in there with baby soo child birth is a messy job regardless.

I ended up having a 2nd degree tear again this time and since I also got a crazy case of the labor shakes the local numbing before stitching didn’t take at all. I FELT EVERYTHING. Not so enjoyable but at least it was quick!

In the end this labor, from water breaking up until delivery was quicker than Waylen’s but the actual active labor part was longer. Because of this I’d say it was a little harder than Waylen’s delivery . In the end though, I pushed way less this time so although different, each delivery had its own pros and cons! Head here to read about Waylen’s delivery.

It’s always so amazing what our bodies are capable of! I love going unmediated because it allows me to get up and move through the labor and also get up right after! I swear even with stitches I feel pretty back to normal within hours! Well… except for the whole, I feel like my organs are falling out when I stand up ha– seriously though. I swear I can feel them moving back into place since baby is gone! It’s weird! But anyways, that’s how labor went this time around, is it too early to start thinking about the next time??

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