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One Week Postpartum

We’ve officially survived one week as a family of four!

Little miss is just the perfect addition to our family! She looks and acts so much like Waylen it’s crazy! Now although she’s very similar to Waylen I will say she is not as easy at nights right off the bat like Waylen was. The first few nights she was cluster feeding pretty much the entire night and I think 5 days after I headed to the hospital to deliver I still had only accumulated about 6 hrs of sleep total.

She is similar to Waylen in the fact that she’s not a big crier. Well at least so far so let’s keep our fingers crossed! She pretty much only cries when she’s hungry. My perfect little chunk!

Speaking of chunk- we got the OK to let her sleep through the night on Monday and since then she’s has been been sleeping a little better! Not huge stretches but 4ish hours at times instead of 1.5 so I’ll take it!

Waylen has been doing great as a big brother too! He had been wanting to hold her for months so of course as soon as he say her he wanted to hold her.

That didn’t last long though! We sat him down and went to hand her over and he immediately said “Too big! Too big! She’s too big!” And now that’s that! Ha he hasn’t asked to hold her since. But he does love to help change her diapers, make her feet dance, and give her hugs!

I cannot wait to see them interact as she gets older!

Postpartum Body:

Seriously so many weird things happen during AND after pregnancy! With Waylen I had crazy night sweats for weeks after delivery. They haven’t been as bad so far so we’ll see if they show up late. This time around my ankles kept swelling! I only swelled twice during the entire pregnancy but after I was swollen almost every day for the past week!

Some other things people dread after delivery?? 💩! Oh my gosh, I swear the only two things you here about when you’re pregnant is how you’ll poop on the table during delivery and how your first Postpartum poop will feel like child birth all over again. Seriously though, it’s no big deal! I don’t know why everyone freaks out about it because it’s literally nothing different. So ladies, there is hope for your behind! Don’t fret!

Besides that, nothing too crazy has been going on! I’m also so amazed by how little sleep you actually need to function! They say “nap when the baby naps” but I never do. I hate napping during the day so instead I just head to bed a little earlier. Honestly it’s not like I can get huge stretches of sleep anyways since I’m her only source of food.

As for my mom bod, I’m currently down 16.4 lbs. from my last pregnant weigh in at 38 weeks which is only 3.4 lbs away from my pre-pregnancy weight!

38 weeks: 120.8 lbs

Home from hospital: 109.8 lbs

1 week postpartum: 104.4 lbs

This is also where I say how AMAZING the female body is! I literally have done nothing but eat out and snack on sugary junk (whoever said pregnancy cravings are intense has never breastfed- that’s when the cravings really go crazy ha) so don’t ask for my secrets! I’m in no rush to work out or lose the weight, honestly I’m making sure I’m eating plenty because I did have trouble keeping weight on while breastfeeding Waylen.

Remember though, everyone is different so try not to compare yourself to others!

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