Postpartum Body: Week 2

Two weeks out and the night sweats have officially arrived! Ugh! They are the worst! I seriously wake up soaking wet and freezing ha. It’s not pretty. Also I can tell my hormones are a little wack because my dry eye patch has returned! Ugh! At least it’s not as bad as it was a couple months back though. Besides that I’m feeling like my old self- just with some added caffeine. My stomach is even making its way back to its flat self!

I’ve lost 19lbs so I’m officially down to my prepregnancy weight of 101lbs. . My linea nigra is still shining bright and I doubt it will fade for months. Supposedly breastfeeding can make it stick around longer and mine hung around for a while last time with Waylen so I have zero expectations that it’ll be disappearing anytime soon.

As for exercise, still doing nothing! Well, I mean besides chasing a crazy toddler around all day! I’ve also taken a stroll around the neighborhood once or twice so Waylen could see his favorite construction trucks at work. But besides that nothing serious. My diet has also includes the daily chai teas and turkey sandwiches with the (more than) occasional ice cream or donut snack. So yeah- not really worrying about my shape at this moment ha. To be honest, I swear pregnancy and nursing suck the life out of me so I’m actually hoping to plump back up a bit. I had trouble staying above 90lbs while nursing Waylen so I’m going to try really hard to maintain my pre-pregnancy weight this time!

38 weeks – home from hospital- 1 week pp- 2 weeks pp

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