32 Week Update

I cannot believe I am already in the 30s! Ahhh! Literally gave birth to Waylen a little over 5 weeks from now. CRAZY!

This last 4 weeks have been… interesting. Ha my skin has been super dry and my left eye has had the craziest dry patch! One morning it even swelled up crazy.

Super cute I know. Don’t you just love pregnancy hormones? My ankles have also swelled a little two different days. Both days I either did a ton of walking or wore heels so I’m sure that played a roll.

My appetite has also really gone down the last couple weeks. I just always feel so full or even if I’m hungry I get full after eating a few bites. Guess I’m running out of room in there!

Don’t worry though, I’m still getting calories and am officially up to 113 lbs.

In the last 4 weeks we took maternity pictures and had a fun little Baby Brunch for this surprise! Waylen also has been doing some serious big brother prep. He’s definitely going to be the best! He’s currently obsessed with babies- wants to hold them, feed them, help change their diapers. It’s SO cute!

Here are some bump pictures from the last couple weeks and if you want to compare to my pregnancy with Waylen head ➡️ here.

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