Flying Alone with a Two Year Old – PREGNANT

Okay, so Waylen wasn’t actually 2 when we flew but he literally turned two the day after we got back so whatever.

We didn’t officially have to buy him his own seat for the flight this time but since my lap is rapidly decreasing in size due to my ever growing baby bump we decided it only made sense to finally take the plunge.

Here is everything I packed for Waylen:

  • coloring book and markers
  • Two small animal figurines
  • Two small toy trucks
  • Mini wood animals
  • Stickers
  • Lots of snacks
  • Water
  • Lovies
  • Ipad (incase of emergency!)
  • Headphones
  • Safety Harness
  • Nonslip pad (to pair with safety harness)

Alright so we are a limited screen time household. I say limited because although we don’t intentionally put shows on for Waylen he has see a little Panther football on occasion and obviously we can’t control restaurants or friends homes with TVs. Our goal was to do no screens until 2 and then transfer over to limited screens. We did end up letting Waylen watch Rudolph and Charlie Brown Christmas this year when he was sick as a special treat but he was only about 2 weeks away from his birthday so I think we did pretty good!

With that being said, we’ve never used screens on planes but being pregnant and alone I decided to bring the iPad with one episode of Charlie Brown just in case things got dicey!

The flight was seriously the best I’ve had with a Waylen! The safety harness we got was perfect and so easy to use! At first Waylen wasn’t thrilled about being strapped down but was easily distracted by a banana. Throughout the flight he did ask to get “out” a few times but never fought it when I said he couldn’t. He stayed strapped in until about 40 minutes before landing when we got up for a diaper change.

We played with animals, new trucks, the stickers were a huge hit, and honestly the excess strap for the safety harness even occupied him for a solid 35 minutes alone.

We took off right around breakfast time so we ate that on the plane then continued to snack the rest of the flight. Our schedule was pretty much eat, play with a few different toys, eat again, pull up some new stuff, eat again … ha a never ending cycle of new toys and new food.

For my pregnant self I brought:

  • a giant water
  • Snacks
  • I took a baby aspirin beforehand
  • Wore compression tights

I think during the entire flight we had the fasten seatbelt sign off for a total of 30 minutes. It really made getting up to pee a bitch. Especially when the guy in the aisle seat also slept the entire flight. So instead of getting up to stretch my legs I just made sure to move and stretch them often at my seat. I also made sure to wear comfy clothes because HELLO TRAVELING ALONE WITH A TODDLER WHILE 27 WEEKS PREGNANT.

Overall these flights were really the best we’ve ever had. I think it’s because Waylen’s getting really good at independent play so although I still interacted with him often on the flight, there was also some down time for myself where he was busy playing alone. A lot less stressful for mama!

My advice still pretty much stays the same for toddler flying:

  • board last (you want to be trapped as little as possible)
  • Get the window seat (built in entertainment and containment)
  • Less is more (anything new is exciting for toddlers so less toys the better; they’ll probably end up playing with random cups and bags anyways)
  • Snacks on snacks on snacks

Hope this helps prepare you for flying with your little!

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