28 Week Update

Hello Third Trimester!

I’m currently 109.6 lbs and am seriously rounding out ha!

Although I did have one throw up incident in the last few weeks, my nausea has mostly converted itself into heartburn. Yay me! It’s not too bad during the day but it does peak at night which makes it harder to sleep. I also passed my glucose test last week! Whoop whoop! And even better I didn’t almost pass out this time which was such a relief because that was really freaking annoying the first time!

Our little surprise has officially flipped and now I’m feeling and seeing a lot more kicks. This little guy likes to squeeze their toes right up under my ribs just like Waylen used to also!

I’ve also become increasingly out of breath from the easiest tasks which is so annoying ha. I swear I’m not thattt out of shape! Plus I recently started back up at prenatal yoga and am loving it! I think it’s so important to continue to invest in yourself. Sometimes I’m tired and don’t really want to go but after I never regret going! Plus it will hopefully lead to another quick and easy delivery just like Waylens!

If I deliver the same time as Waylen then we only have 9 weeks left! Crazy!

Here’s a link to Waylen’s 28 week bumpdate

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