Waylen: 2 Years

Oh my goshhhhh

My not so itty bitty baby is REALLY not a baby anymore!

How is it even possible that Waylen’s already two 😭😭

His favorite things right now are anything Panthers or Hornets, shooting basketballs, jumping on his trampoline, playing the guitar, trucks, reading, balloons, and babies.

He is seriously still such a great eater too! I really think it’s because 1) BLW and 2) because we don’t really do unhealthy snacks unless it’s a special occasion. He eats what we eat for dinner and if we’re eating something new to him I’ll offer one familiar item on his plate. It’s worked like a charm so far! He even enjoyed a full steak the other night! Just like his mama! (If anyone knows me from when I was little I used to order filet mignons when we went out to eat 🤣)

Now of course, although he’ll always be my little angel, he’s a toddler and yes there are tantrums. Usually they just come out when he’s overly tired or hangry so I can’t really blame him anyways! He definitely also gets his hangry tendencies from me ha!

It really is amazing what a little man he has become. He is talking up a storm these days and surprises us with new words every day. He also knows most of the alphabet (W is a hard one for him ha – sorry Waylen) and can count things up to 4!

I can’t believe he’s going to be a big brother in a few short months! Although I’m sure there’ll be some jealousy, I really think he’s going to be so great! He loves babies and even likes helping change diapers. (Now if only I can really train him to completely change them- then I’d be golden!)

Alright now let me go cry about how quick time really does go.

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