3 months with Ryan

How is my ‘maybe last baby ever’ three months old already???

She is potentially are cutest baby yet (don’t tell the others 😉) and is still just SO happy and smiley all the time.

She loves her big brother and sister..

I promise ha. And her first laughs were of course directed at Waylen because she’s obsessed with him.

Her sleeping is … eh… okay. Ha. She WAS sleeping 7-330 but since we’ve messed with her schedule because of swim it’s been pretty off. Usually only going a 3 hour stretch now with the occasional 6 hour if I’m lucky.

She still hasn’t rolled back to belly but she is SO close! She’s constantly on her side if we place her on her back. Also she is still constantly kicking out of her pants and diapers while laying so that’s fun ha.

Overall she’s the best and we’re all still obsessed with her.

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