4 Months with Ryan

The days are flying by but the night are dragging on .. ha because #teamnosleep. Hello 4 month sleep regression!

But really though, HOW IS RYAN 4 months ready????

She is still the happiest little thing. Like I thought my other two kiddos were smiley but NO, this girl takes the cake. Always smiling and laughing at us and her siblings. And of course her big brother and sister are still obsessed with her.

Over the last month Ryan’s found her feet and started rolling back to belly though I have STILL yet to see it happen. It’s like she refuses to do it for me ha. If I turn my back though, whoop, over she goes. She also will roll to her belly to sleep some nights too but of course I still have not seen it in action. She’s too sneaky

Sleep though is… eh. Ha. She’ll put herself to sleep for naps during the day without any paci or help, sleep 1.5 hours but at night sometimes she’s up every hour.. sometimes every 2. And the last few days she’s been wide awake at 4 am just talking to herself. She’s lucky she’s so cute lol.

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