5 Months with Ryan

Ahhhhh 5 freakin months! Like whattt. Next month she’ll be eating real food. How did we get here so fast??? 😭

Ryan is still my happiest little babe and smiles ALL THE TIME. I thought the other two were happy babies (which they were,) but Ryan definitely takes the cake. All you have to do is glance in her direction and she’ll break out into a huge smile.

She’s finally started sleeping longer again and now is just waking up around 2 am and 530. Hopefully in this next month we can get that to stretch out so she’s officially sleeping through the night 🤞🏻

This last month she’s really become so interested in everything. She loves her little bouncer gym thing and she tries to steal about every bite of food I take. Ha. She also had her first full day with daddy while I shot a wedding and went on her first beach vacation!

Cannot wait to see how much she grows in this next month!

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