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The Everything Donut

A new craze has hit NYC this winter. The Doughnut Project in NYC has basically combined an Everything Bagel and a Donut to come up with…. drum roll please… The Everything Donut. It is described as being sweet, salty, and savory. The perfect breakfast combo all wrapped up into one delicious little pastry. Now I don’t live in NYC so it wasn’t very realistic for me to fly up just to sample one donut. (I was willing to make the sacrifice but my husband wasn’t on board.) Thank goodness our local pop up donut shop, Joe’s Doughs decided to take a stab at it and create their own version this past weekend.

Now if you live in Charlotte, NC and don’t know about Joe’s Doughs then you live under a rock JK But really you are definitely missing out. They are an amazing pop up donut shop that offers some of the most unique donuts I have ever experienced. Espresso Cake Donut with Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Chicken and Waffle, Strawberry French Toast, Chocolate Bourbon, Earl Gray Blueberry…. Do I need to continue? I think not! I am already drooling over here just thinking about all the amazing flavors. I mean if you want a party in your mouth, you need to try these.


Alright now back to the Everything Donut. I saw that Joe’s was offering one this weekend and I knew it was destiny. Joe’s probably saved my marriage since I spent most of the last week looking for NYC flights despite getting the axe from the Hubby. Ha. And the verdict is….. OMG… weird .. But yum!


I am all about an Everything Bagel so I am not shocked I enjoyed the Everything Donut too. It literally was the perfect combination of sweet and salty and savory. Driving home my car was filled with the salty, garlicky aroma of a classic Everything Bagel. I’ll admit though the first bite was a little weird. It smelled like a bagel but felt like a donut so I think my brain got slightly confused. Of course I went in for more and the fluffy, light donut against the creamy icing and crunchy toppings made for the perfect texture blend. There really isn’t anything bad that I can say about this donut. I would eat it again in a heartbeat and should have probably ordered more to go. I did snag one extra “for my husband” which ended up being more of an afternoon snack for myself. Sorry dude! That’s what happens when you work on Saturday!


Be sure to check out their  Instagram to see where they will be next week and what they’ll be serving! They sell out FAST (and I mean FASTTTTTT) so make sure you plan accordingly! There is no greater disappointment then showing up for donuts after they’ve already sold out. Basically there is no recovering from that type of let down so you might as well just go back to bed and try again tomorrow. Ha So dramatic yet so true. Anyways hopefully you guys get to check out the craze for yourselves! Also be on the lookout because Joe’s Doughs will be opening a store front THIS Spring! 


Let us rejoice!!

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