Spring Favorites

There is no better excuse to buy new clothes then when you are pregnant and your old clothes literally don’t fit. The only problem is you only get to wear them for a few weeks at a time which seems  completely pointless to me! I’ve constantly said I was saving my money for my new mom bod and now we are finally here! 

One thing I never really thought about while preggo was having to find clothes that are nursing friendly yet still stylish! So now in reality I basically have the second best excuse to buy new clothes. Hello, I can’t nurse in my favorite mock neck dress without essentially getting naked. Now of course with Spring right around the corner I did splurge on some items that literally have nothing to do with nursing but that’s okay! I pushed a baby out my who-ha so I’m allowed to treat myself ha. Here are a few of my favorite Spring finds: (and none are actually “nursing” items so they’re perfect for anyone!) 

Anthropologie Blouse

Exposed shoulders are so in right now but I wanted something I could still wear a normal nursing bra with. This was the perfect solution!

Anthropologie Top

I am in love with this top! It is whimsical yet so easy to wear. I actually think it’s the only article of clothing I own that has pink in it but that’s okay I love it anyways ha. 

Urban Outfitters Blouse

This blouse is my favorite! Easy to nurse in, super  comfortable, lightweight, and still stylish! I may go back and get it in every color!

Steve Madden Booties

All my brown booties have pretty dramatic heels so these felt like a more appropriate height for the everyday mom on the go! Now these were a few shades darker when I actually got them so if you’re set on this color leather they may not be for you. Here’s an unedited picture of the ones I received. 

Cluse Watch 

If you were to ask Chappy what style I was into these days he would say mid century modern, grey or anything with marble and gold. This watch pretty much sums up everything I love. Neutrals, gold and marble!!

Kate Spade Purse

I really didn’t neeeeed a purse but when this went on a “pinklight” sale of over 50% off I had to jump on it! This purse pretty much matches an accent wall in my house so I couldn’t resist 

Free People Skirt

I love that I can swap out my shorts for this skirt and add the perfect little feminine touch to my casual outfit. 

Forever 21 Dress

This dress is seriously perfect to just throw on and run out the door while still looking put together. Plus the button front makes it easy to nurse in. 

 Lulu’s Shirt

This top is great! The wrap front makes it easy to nurse in and the choker detail is really pooular right now plus the material is SO soft! 

Lulu’s Blouse

The button front makes this top great for nursing and the back buttons make it more then just your average blouse. 

Now all I need is the weather to warm back up for good so I can really start enjoying some of these new items. Also I will probably have to start actually leaving the house ha. My postpartum life has pretty much involved sweats and leggings so far but hopefully once beano gets his vaccines that’ll change! 

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