Favorite Spring Trend: Embroidery

Stripes, bell sleeves, blushes, lace-up shirts, velvet… there are seriously SO many different fun styles that are big for spring this year. My favorite by far though is embroidery! I’m not sure if it’s because embroidery pulls at the strings of my inner hippy or not but I am hands down obsessed!
Below I’ve put together some of my favorite embroidered pieces I’ve come across while nursing at 3 am. And yes, online shopping while nursing in the middle of the night is the best way to stay awake. — I highly recommend it! (Just don’t tell your husband. Ha) All of these pieces are casual and fun and can easily be integrated into your spring wardrobe!

  1. ASOS Strap Bag                              
  2. ASOS Sweater                           
  3. ASOS Dress                        
  4. ASOS Short Sleeve               
  5. Anthropologie Pouch              
  6. Anthropologie Jacket              
  7. Forever 21 Crop Top                 
  8. Forever 21 Jean Shorts                      
  9. Freepeople Skinny Jeans                            
  10. Lulu’s Shorts                                                  

I am seriously obsessed with all of these pieces so be sure to grab them before they’re gone! What other trends are you guys obsessing over this Spring?? I think for me blush is a very close second! 


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