Postpartum Exercise 

I’ve made it past 6 weeks postpartum so I’m officially ready (and cleared) to jump back into exercising! So far these last few weeks I have just stuck to walking but now I’m ready to amp up my routine. I am still not quite ready to leave my little bean yet so all of my workouts will be quick, equipment free, and even more importantly actually free. Ha 


To ease back into things I’ve started doing a little morning youtube yoga about 2 times a week. It’s easy, costs nothing, and is the perfect way to get my core strength back. I am a huge fan of Yoga with Adriene so I highly recommend her to anyone looking for an at home yoga experience. Her videos work for any level of yogi and she has tons of different video lengths which is perfect for trying to squeeze in a workout with a sleeping newborn. 


So… if you know me at all you know I am actually not a fan of running BUT since I have this awesome jogging stroller I figured I should probably use it to um …jog. Ha. So yes, I am doing a little casual jogging about once week, but it is not my main source of exercise and may actually involve a little more walking than running … oops. 


My favorite type of conditioning is interval based. I focus on one cardio exercise and then one strength for short intervals. For example I will do burpies for 30 seconds, rest for 10, and then do push ups for 30 seconds. I will repeat this four times and then move on to two different exercises and so on for as long (or short) as Waylen let’s me. Below I have listed and demonstrated some of my go-to exercises for both cardio and strength. I try to get three of these workouts in a week but so far they vary greatly in length due to this whole newborn thing so hopefully I’ll be able to up the time soon!


  • Burpies 
  • Jump squats 
  • High knees 
  • Jumping jacks 
  • Plank jack
  • Mountain climbers 


  • V-sits 
  • Plank salutes 
  • Push ups 
  • Tricep dips 
  • Bus drivers 
  • Leg lifts 
  • Swimmers 

In the end, my main focus isn’t to lose weight, it’s to build muscle (aka get my ass back because if you haven’t noticed I’ve somehow lost the little one I had) and get back into shape! I didn’t realize how out of shape I actually was until I had to carry Waylen in his car seat to my doctors appointment. The struggle was REAL and I quickly realized if I was having trouble now I’d be screwed when Waylen was 6+ months old. I seriously can’t imagine even clicking him in and out of the car let alone carrying him around in it once he’s not a newborn anymore. So now I will workout and hopefully be able to lift my not so little bean in his car seat ha. 

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