Postpartum Friendly Swimwear

With the weather warming up it is just about time to whip out those swim suits! This can cause anxiety for many, especially new moms. Stretch marks, loose skin, rounder bellies, or even just that linea nigra that just won’t go away, there are countless things that could make a new mom reluctant to strip down to a bathing suit. Obviously there is nothing to be ashamed of, these are our battle scars from creating perfect tiny humans, but that also doesn’t mean we all feel comfortable displaying them for the world to see. That’s why I’ve put together a list of some of my favorite (nursing friendly) bathing suit options for the new mom! 

  1. Raising Wild – Vanessa: This one piece is perfect for the new mom. It has great tummy coverage and a wrap front that makes it perfect for nursing!                        IMG_9274                       
  2.  Aerie Wrap Top & High-Rise Bottoms: If you’re looking for a trendy yet more affordable option, Aerie is the way to go. This suit has a wrap front for nursing and high wasted bottoms for extra coverage. Also it comes in so many colors you can buy a few to mix and match!                           IMG_9275 
  3. Urban Outfitters Knot Front: I am seriously in love with this suit. It gives tummy coverage but still has the perfect amount of sexy cutouts!                                  
  4. Urban Outfitters Patchwork One Piece: I love the color of this suit! It is bright and vibrant and you can literally just untie the front when you need to nurse! It doesn’t get much easier!                     
  5. H&M Wrap One Piece: If you’re looking for more coverage, this is the suit for you! The wrap detail on this suit really clinches in your waist and  allows easy access for nursing.                                    
  6. Free People Zip Front One Piece: If you’re looking for a sportier look, look no further! Plus you can easily just unzip the front when it’s time to nurse!               


You pretty much can’t go wrong with any of these amazing suits! I swear I would buy them all if my husband wouldn’t notice… and trust me, he totally would. I hope this helps all you new mommas and gives you the confidence to go out and rock your new mom bod! There seriously is nothing to be more proud of than the fact that we baked up a tiny little human in our body. I mean, it still doesn’t seem real to me when I think about it!

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