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Gift Guide: Father’s Day

Father’s Day is quickly approaching so I thought it’d be the perfect time to put together an easy gift guide for all those baby daddies out there! Now I kind of follow a general guide when buying any gifts for Chappy. Something sentimental, something practical, and something silly. So if these specific gifts aren’t exactly what you’re looking for try to stick to those three groups to narrow down your ideas!

  • Matching Hats: Waylen and Chappy both love hats. They already had a set of matching ones from last year but our little bobble head Waylen has already outgrown his so I decided to snag these adorable pineapple ones.
  • Bike Gloves: Now these are very specific for Chappy. He’s a big mountain biker and literally only buys things if it’s for his bike ha. If you’re baby daddy isn’t an avid biker you can substitute any hobby related gift here!
  • Outdoor Drink Table: I guess this gift is funny and practical? Ha. I saw this and just pictured summer nights outside playing corn hole and thought it’d be the perfect silly dad gift.
  • Ticket Stub Diary: Growing up Chappy’s Christmas tree was decorated with tickets and stubs to cool events they had all been to over the years. Because of this Chappy loves to save all of Waylen’s (and honestly ours too) tickets. We don’t decorate our tree with them so this is the perfect way for us to save all the memories!
  • Sunglasses: If you’ve read through some of my gift guides before you know Chappy’s luck with sunglasses. He’ll either lose or break them within a year (usually less.) Of course Chappy has currently lost his most recent pair of sunglass so I snagged him this pair just in time for summer!
  • Funny Card: I used to hate giving cards. I think they’re such a waste of money and paper. Well, that was before I discovered funny and highly inappropriate ones! Now Chappy and I always hunt to find the most outrageous cards for each other.
  • Man Facial: And HELLO- guys deserve to be pampered too!

That’s it! Hope this list helps inspire you to find the perfect gift for your own baby daddy!

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