Two Months with Kennedy

Two whole months with my mini me! Somehow the time has flown by but it also feels like we’ve had her with us forever. She’s currently 10lbs 10.5 oz. and is 21.2

” tall!

She is so spunky and cute and truly fills a missing hole in our family. Some of her favorite things are watching Waylen and being worn. She had her first smile and giggle while interacting with Waylen and it was SO cute! I literally melted! She loves him so much.

She really doesn’t have many dislikes at this point but seems to dislike the wind when we’re outside ha.

During the day she eats pretty much every 2 hours and at night she’ll go one 5 hr stretch then reset back to 2. Not too bad for mama. She’s getting really good at self soothing and will usually put herself to sleep at night without any help from me. I can’t take credit for this though, she just doesn’t fall asleep nursing like Waylen did so I can easily just set her down for bed awake and let her fall asleep herself. Hopefully this will help us down the line so she can sleep longer stretches once she’s not as hungry!

Overall things have been going great! She’s so easygoing which works out perfect since she tags along pretty much everywhere Waylen and I go. She’s been to music, little gym, malls, parks, the zoo and even went on her first beach vacation this past month!

Waylens been doing great with her and still loves to snuggle, help burp her and give her hugs and kisses! He thinks everything about her is “just soooo cute.”

But seriously question- can your own babies give you baby fever because I’m already ready for another! Kidding – but not really! Can’t wait to see what the next month has in store!

Go here for Waylen’s 2 Month Update

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