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5 Months with Kennedy

How it is possible that Little Miss is already 5 months???! No checkup this month but I estimate she probably weighs around 13lbs. So yes, my 9 lb. at birth baby is still teeny tiny. She’s also pretty much lost all our hair from birth but at least her peach fuzz came in strong so she’s not a baldy like Waylen was.

Her favorite things right now are the Alphabet Song, watching Waylen be crazy, staring at Ramone, Waylen’s toy dinosaur, and playing with her crinkly book. She’s not crawling yet but she is seriously rolling and scooting around everywhere. She’s a tummy time pro and could lay and watch Waylen play all day long.

She also found her toes this month and has been working on her sitting!

She is so giggling and happy 99% percent of the time so she doesn’t really have any dislikes.

This past month she got to go on another beach trip (this time to Florida) and visited the Panthers training camp! She was still my happy, easy going baby!

Her sleep is still okay, not as bad as Waylen’s (thank goodness) but also not perfect! She goes between 6-8 hours during her longest stretch and then usually wakes up around 6 am for the day. I’m hoping we can get that stretch to a full 11 hours by 6 months so wish us luck!

My absolute favorite thing about this last month though is really how Waylen and Kennedy’s love for each other has really blossomed. I mean, I thought they loved each other before but this month has really just melted my heart. I cannot wait to see how their friendship grows over the months!

To read about Waylen’s 5 Month Update head ➡️ HERE.

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