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4 Months with Kennedy

I should know by now that this whole baby thing flies by but somehow it is still so shocking! Like how are we already at 4 months?!? Sweet little Kenny is currently 13lbs 2.8 oz. and 23″ tall.

This past month Kenny has really been working on her rolling! She now is a pro rolling both directions and rarely stays on her back even if I just set her down for a second! She’s so quick!

We also took our first plane trip as a family of 4 and Kennedy did great!

Her favorite things these days are still standing and watching Waylen play. She’s been giggling so much more now and it’s usually while watching her big brother!

Her only real dislike is facing inward in her baby carrier when she’s just woken up. Besides that she is still my happy, easy going girl. She’s still not sleeping through the night though and is only really going one long stretch of 4-5 hours before waking more frequently. She can put herself to sleep at night without any help from me or a paci so hopefully that helps her to start sleeping longer stretches at night!

To read about Waylen’s 4 month Update go HERE.

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