Breast Milk Cleanser

Alright, here me out. I swear I’m not some sicko who’s gone off the deep end. When getting a facial at MUD the other day I noticed that one of their add ons is breast milk. While I wasn’t quite ready to dive right in and use some strangers breast milk to lather up my face, it did spark my interest. You see, I am a nursing mother who just happens to have a steady enough supply to spare some milk in the quest for perfect skin. Now in general my skin care routine is pretty simple. I use all drug store products and that MUD facial I just had was literally the first professional thing I had ever done to my skin. This is how my typical night time routine goes… double cleanse with Cetaphil, Roc Retinol night cream, then No7 intense night cream. Pretty simple.

 To try out this whole breast milk deal I decided to swop out my second Cetaphil cleanse for milk. Here is how it went .. and no judging my extremely flattering no makeup selfies 😂


I am usually pretty blessed when it comes to acne but with Waylen at the start of his 4 month regression and me upping my caffeine and sugar intake to keep up, a few surprise zits popped up. Now if you went to any baby class while pregnant I’m sure you heard that you can literally put breast milk on anything to make it better. Baby scratches his face? Put breast milk on it. Baby acne? Put breast milk on it. Nipples sore from nursing? Don’t bother buying creams, just use breast milk. Because of this I was pretty excited to try out my milk while having a fresh third eye on my forehead. Hopefully it works wonders and FAST!

Day 1: 

Day 2: 

Day 3:

Day 4:

Day 5:

Sooo after all that I didn’t really notice a huge difference. My zit did disappear but then again they always do eventually right? Ha. Ever since giving birth I’ll get these little dry patches of skin around my eyes but after a week of breast milk those are all gone so at least that’s something! Besides that though, my skin looks pretty much the same. Womp womp. Will I keep it up? Maybe, I mean it is free and I wouldn’t be going through my cleanser as fast… plus who knows, maybe I’ll see a bigger difference after more than 5 days! 

I’ll keep you posted! 


Hair Plopping

So recently I have seen a bunch of articles about how to perfectly “plop” your hair. Supposedly this method is used to reduce frizz and boost your natural curl. Honestly, to me to sounds and looks a little ridiculous but let’s be real, I LOVE a good lazy hair do so I thought I’d give it a try and see if it would work on my hair. I used instructions from a buzzfeed article which can be found here.

Since my hair is deceptively thick I decided to opt for the overnight dry. My results were ehhh not too impressive. Now my hair is naturally wavy, not curly so I didn’t expect to all of a sudden have spiral curls (which would have been awesome) but honestly my hair looked crazy. It didn’t reduce the frizz, my hair was actually LESS wavy than normal, and it completely eliminated all the body from the top of my hair. ICK. Also my hair was still damp. I literally showered at 7pm and my hair still wasn’t dry by 7am. 

  So today at work I am sporting a half top knot to try and hide the madness HA. Since I won’t be trying that again I think I’ll just stick to going to bed with wet hair and hoping for the best!

Buyers Remorse 

Sometimes you get a bad haircut. My hairdresser recently decided to be a stay at home momma so this weekend I bit the bullet and went for a dramatic cut and color with someone new. 

Unfortunately it didn’t turn out the way I had hoped. Usually I would just live with it but this time I really hated the color. I had cut my hair to try to avoid my go-to messy bun but now I was constantly wearing it to hide the color job. 

I never do this but as soon as the salon open Tuesday morning I called to schedule a color fix. Was it awkward? Yes. Was it totally worth it though?? YES! 

The original girl I went to wasn’t available so I went to an adorable pregnant lady named Lauren instead. She was A M A Z I N G! She paid extra attention to detail and gave me the original color job I was looking for. And they fixed it for free! 

Today I feel like Britney Spears..

And not in the “famous, hot, I’m a pop star” way. I got through these phases where I relate to the Britney who shaved her head. She must be from The South. When I moved here from California I had long hair. Like really long…


The only real weather I had to deal with in California was Santa Ana winds so when I moved here and was introduced to humidity my world was rocked. I used to air dry my hair, here that can take a solid 10 hours in the peak of summer. No thank you! After almost 4 years of living (and suffering) in the South I finally broke down one morning back in 2012, made an emergency hair appointment and chopped off 12 inches. 

I blame my wedding for making me grow out my hair again. After growing it a bit longer for that and then chopping it short again my mind said “why not grow it out, you always loved your long hair.”

Now 6 months later I remembered that I only loved my long hair when I lived in California. There is a hugeee difference in up keep over there compared to the South. The past summer was filled with lots of buns and now with winter right around the corner the static has already started. I’ll admit it. I’m also kind of lazy. I don’t want to spend 50 minutes drying my hair every morning and I’m not about to walk to work in the freezing weather with wet hair either. So this morning I went to another emergency appointment and off it came!


Phew! Thank goodness for the amazing stylist at Signature Style in Cornelius or I might have resorted to using Chappy’s clippers. (EEK!) I always like to play around with my hair because it’s just hair! Mine grows like a weed anyways so I’m never too nervous about cutting too much off.

No Britney Bald for me this winter!