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Breast Milk Cleanser

Alright, here me out. I swear I’m not some sicko who’s gone off the deep end. When getting a facial at MUD the other day I noticed that one of their add ons is breast milk. While I wasn’t quite ready to dive right in and use some strangers breast milk to lather up my… Continue reading Breast Milk Cleanser

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Hair Plopping

So recently I have seen a bunch of articles about how to perfectly “plop” your hair. Supposedly this method is used to reduce frizz and boost your natural curl. Honestly, to me to sounds and looks a little ridiculous but let’s be real, I LOVE a good lazy hair do so I thought I’d give… Continue reading Hair Plopping


Today I feel like Britney Spears..

And not in the “famous, hot, I’m a pop star” way. I got through these phases where I relate to the Britney who shaved her head. She must be from The South. When I moved here from California I had long hair. Like really long...    The only real weather I had to deal with… Continue reading Today I feel like Britney Spears..