Coffee Break

I’ve never been one of those people who just can’t function without coffee. Lately though I have become slightly addicted. Not to the robust flavors or jolt of energy the caffeine delivers, but actually to the warmth the drink provides. My desk is seated right next to a window so I spend most of the morning freezing. My hands are the absolute worst. I’ve even considered wearing gloves in the past but let’s be real, how crazy would that look?! Ha. Now every morning when I can’t bear it any longer I head to the break room to get my liquid hand warmers. Yes, I realize one extra cup of coffee at work each day is not bad. But I literally don’t need it so why drink it??

As of this morning, I have now officially survived one week coffee free and plan to keep this going for at least 30 days. Originally I was just going to axe the work coffee routine but then I became inspired and decided to eliminate all coffee for the next 30 days. To help endure my window seat I’ve started bringing more sweaters ha, purchased this (just kidding,) and have switched to hot chocolate! Nothing says you’re a grown up like drinking hot cocoa at your desk each morning. Yikes. Luckily my work actually already provided it in the break room so someone else must be drinking it too, right? (Or at least that’s what I keep telling myself.)


Overall last week wasn’t that bad at all. The first day was definitely the worst of the bunch. I didn’t really realize what my 11 o’clock coffee provided me with until I could barely keep my eyes open by 3pm. Luckily I had a box of zours (only the best candy everrrrrr) stashed away in my desk so they helped give me the much needed pick me up that afternoon. Besides that though, the rest of the week went great. 7 days in and I’m going strong!

Let’s see if I can make it the entire 30 days.

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