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We’ve been keeping this a secret for months now and I am so excited that we can finally share the news! This past weekend we gathered all of our friends and family at our house in NC for a baby shower and finally spilled the beans.

Both Chappy and I thought we were going to have a boy so it’s exciting that we were right! We want to have at least one of each gender in the end so we would have been happy either way but I really wanted an older brother therefore I was pretty thrilled when we found out! Here is how I stacked up against some of those Old Wives Tales for gender prediction:

So if you take an average, they were right! Ha.


Now I am soooo ready to finally get to finishing off the nursery, finalizing our name picks, and getting all of those boy clothes I bought out of hiding. Leading up to the Shower a few people mentioned my nursery looked boyish before the gender was revealed. Honestly though, I just hate all things baby’y and seriously purchased 99% of what is currently in the nursery before we even knew the gender. No powder pinks and blues for me please! Now, if you’re looking forward to hearing our names picks you are just going to have to wait. That is one last secret we are keeping until the birth. Sorry to disappoint but 1) we don’t really want everybody’s opinions and 2) we may change our minds, who knows!



Thanks to everyone who came out and celebrated with us this weekend! It really meant so much to us and Baby Garner received some amazing gifts. Now the countdown is on until we finally get to use them!

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