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Bumpdate – 28 Weeks 

Hello Third Trimester! The countdown is officially on until baby Garner makes his appearance and I couldn’t be more excited! My bump is in full bloom and I feel like I am getting wider by the second ha. Luckily all of my pants are still fitting with the help of my belly band but my shirts are a whole different story. Even my longer blouses have suddenly transformed into crop tops. I’ve been trying to hold off buying too many things until my vacation in California (since I’m sure I’ll do a lot of shopping there) but I’m not sure I can wait much longer.

I am officially up 11.6 lbs since losing 3 in the first trimester but trust me, I feel like I’ve gained much more!! In the last four weeks I’ve basically just been the usual tired and full plus I’ve been having a little harder time sleeping at night. I’m still not sure if I should blame the pregnancy for that last one or just my husband who tends to smoother me in his sleep. Ha. At least my Snoogle pregnancy pillow gives me a little buffer. I also had my glucose test at 26 weeks and passed!! Wahoo! But let me tell you it was NOT FUN. Everyone always talks about how horrible the drink is but no one ever mentioned that the high sugar drink could make you overheat and nearly faint. Haha. While waiting for the hour to pass I became overheated, shaky, and nauseous. I ended up getting my blood taken lying down and still nearly passed out/ threw up simultaneously. I am SO glad I passed because I really don’t think I could have survived the 3 hour test.

Now we are just in total prep mode for this little boy. We need to finish off the nursery, attend some prenatal classes, and most importantly just relax! We head out to California is less than two weeks for an entire two weeks and I CANNOT WAIT. I have never wanted a vacation more in my life. No offense to work or anything but  I’d much rather be sleeping in and relaxing than spending all day at my desk.

Besides that everything else is going great! Here are some pictures from the last 4 weeks…

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