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If you are petite and pregnant finding clothes that fit can be a serious bitch. Don’t even bother going to Old Navy, Target, or The Gap. Trust me. I honestly had never even thought that finding maternity clothes was going to be an issue but it definitely has been. For example I loveeee Target and could seriously spend all day there so when I ran in to look for a pair of maternity shorts I was sure I wouldn’t leave empty handed. While I was right about not leaving empty handed, I unfortunately did not leave with a brand new pair of maternity shorts. The XS were falling off of me. Even the elastic band was too loose to hold up the shorts! I did purchase a BeMaternity® by Ingrid & Isabel® – BeBand  though and it has been such a great addition! Like seriously a life saver! I got it in the s/m and I wear it with all my work pants, shorts, and jeans that are just a little to snug to button. Also just for reference, pre-pregnancy I came in at about 5’1” 102lbs and so far at 29 weeks I am up 10.4 lbs.

My ultimate favorite place to order Maternity clothing so far is by far Their clothing is stylish, comfortable, and the best part is… IT ACTUALLY FITS! Now, not everything I ordered fit but with free shipping there and back plus all the coupon codes they keep sending me, it was a no brainer as to why they are my top choice. Also all of their stuff is very reasonably priced. I don’t know about you put I would much rather save my money for a big post- pregnancy shopping spree then spend it all when I may never wear it again! Here are a few of my favorite items:

ASOS Maternity PETITE Ridley Skinny Jean 

These are by far my favorite!!! They are the first pair of maternity pants I put on that actually fit like a normal pair of jeans. I ordered the size 2 and I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to wear them the remainder of my pregnancy. Yes, the belly band from Target was a life saver but these maternity jeans were a serious game changer! I even went back and ordered them in black since I love them so much.

ASOS Maternity TALL Bardot Dress With Half Sleeve 

I got this dress to have for one of my Maternity Shoot options. It’s comfy, cute, and the size 2 fits great at 29 weeks with plenty of room for my bump to grow.

ASOS Maternity Stripe Midi Bodycon Dress With Short Sleeve 

I ended up wearing this for my NC shower and it was perfect. Bodycon dresses are seriously my go-to because they are so easy and comfortable. At 26 weeks pregnant this dress fit great in a size 2 and still has lots of stretch so I can continue wearing it as I get bigger.

Mamalicious Denim Overall

Even pre-pregnancy I had been really feeling overalls so when I saw these I knew I had to get them. I wasn’t even showing yet when I ordered them but I knew I would want them come fall. And yes I was right. They are by far the most comfortable pair of jeans I have ever worn. I could seriously sleep in these! At 28 weeks the size 26 fits well and gives me plentyyyyy of room to grow.

Some things that didn’t work for me from Asos were there Kimmi Shrunken Boyfriend Jean, Mamalicious Skater Dress, ASOS Maternity Sleeveless Swing Top, and the ASOS Maternity Skater Dress. All of those items were HUGE and falling off of me. Just to put it into perspective, when trying on the Mamalicious Skater Dress Chappy said I looked like an Amish grandmother. So considering that wasn’t really the look I was going for, I promptly returned all of those items. Haha.

Some of my other favorite things to wear during this pregnancy are actually not maternity clothes at all. I have picked up some great t-shirt/bodycon dresses from Forever21 that are my go-to items to just throw on and run out the door.

It was a little strange trying to dress my bump while pre-teens were shopping with their parents but I quickly felt at home when I was checking out and noticed an entire basket full of Palmers Stretch Mark lotion for sale; (you know, the one with the pregnant lady on the front.)

I also am slightly obsessed with these leggings I got from Nordstrom. They are sooo comfortable and make me feel like I got dressed without actually having to put real pants on haha. I got them in the XS and they should easily last me the entire pregnancy!

For tops I have basically just stuck with non- maternity clothing and upped the size if needed. So far I haven’t had to purchase too many new shirts but with more and more of my regulars turning into crop-tops I’m sure that is going to change soon. Here are a few of the things I have purchased to accommodate my bump thus far:

H&M Sleeveless Blouse: Size 4

Nordstrom Knit Tunic: Size Small

Nordstrom Print Surplice Top: Size Small

Urban Outfitters Peplum Tee: Size Small

Basically the moral of this story is that if you’re petite and pregnant finding clothes that fit just isn’t going to be easy. It’s really been a game of trial and error so far with me basically trying on a million things in all different sizes in hopes of finding a few that work. Hopefully my experiences can help some other petite pregnant mamas out there until we can finally get some more options in our sizes!

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