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2nd Anniversary

We survived another year (plus a week lol) !!! Yay us! This past year has been filled with so many fun and exciting things. We officially bought and moved in to our first house and now we’re expecting our first child! For gifts this year we stuck to the traditional Anniversary list so for us that meant cotton! We decided to keep our gifts baby themed since we still had a lot to buy for Mr. bambino. I seriously searched and searched for something either mountain bike or guitar related for Chappy and this onesie seemed like the perfect purchase.


It’s funny but practical and just screams Chappy to me. And of course I was right and he loved it.


For where we chose to actually celebrate this year we splurged a little. Typically we would just plan a small weekend getaway but this year we were already going to be in California for our anniversary so we decided to change it up a bit. And when I say “we” I really just mean me. Ha. Basically I REALLY wanted my friend Dawn to do my maternity photo shoot, problem was she just moved to Oregon. Flying across the country to get a few pictures taken was something Chappy would never agree to BUT flying to Portland from California for a quick two day trip on our anniversary was much more reasonable. And obviously if we’re already going to be in Oregon then we might as well have Dawn do my photo shoot while we’re there…  So it was settled. We hopped on a plane early Monday morning and few back late Tuesday night. It was the perfect little getaway from our already very relaxing vacation. And yes I realize it sounds a little crazy that we took a vacation from our vacation. I don’t care though!! Anything to get my maternity pictures!!!!

Here are some of the awesome places we squeezed in to our mini Portland vacation:

Oven and Shaker 

YUM! This pizza joint had a great vibe and offered unique yummy cocktails (even mocktails for me) and delicious pizza. We even ended up going twice in our short two day trip because we liked it so much. The pizzas were fresh, flavorful and unique. Some even had honey drizzled on the crust which is one of my favorite things after trying it at Pure Pizza in Charlotte. 

Their burgers are HUGE! Everything you could ever want in a burger was at this place. Giant juicy burgers with crazy toppings beer battered fries … and PIES … Yes, they had pies for dessert. I got a custom cheeseburger and Chappy got the Island Trucker and they both were amazing. Messy but totally worth it. 

Teardrop Lounge

Everywhere we go we are always on the lookout for the best craft cocktail bar. Now I can’t talk about the alcoholic  beverages (because duh) BUT they did make me the best craft mocktails I had ever had.  Also Chappy downed multiple cocktails and loved every one so I’m sure their actual cocktails were on point as well. The place had a cozy vibe and the bartenders were friendly. Couldn’t ask for anything more! 

Voodoo Doughnuts

Now we couldn’t go all the way to Portland and not get Voodoo Doughnuts. I may be a little biased since we had our own amazing craft donut shops in Charlotte (Your Mom’s Donuts, Joes, etc.) so I didn’t really think they were anything special. Don’t get me wrong, they were still good and I finished my plate but I don’t know how out of the way I would go for them. I got a classic glazed donut and one covered in fruit loops and they pretty much tasted exactly like you’d imagine. If you’ve never had a craft donut before, then definitely go! Just getting to see all the crazy donuts would be worth a visit. 

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