Stocking Stuffers for Him (and Baby)

Ahhhh Christmas time! I am seriously obsessed with Christmas and may even be guilty of putting my decorations up before Thanksgiving this year… ughhh I know I’m thattt person but I was a little overly excited because it is Waylen’s first Christmas and one day he took a really long nap. It’s not my fault!

Anyways, one of my favorite parts of the holiday season is finding the perfect little somethings for everyone! That’s why I put together a list of my favorite Stocking Stuffers for Him (plus baby!)


  • Socks: Does anyone else’s husband go through socks like they’re toilet paper? I swear his feet have razor blades on the bottom or something
  • Bitters: My bartender husband can never have enough peychaud or angostura bitters so these are always a go-to!
  • Fidgeter: Okay so I may have selfish reasons for this gift ha. Chappy is SUCH a fidgittrr. Always shaking or bouncing or moving some way to annoy me ha. Hopefully this cuts down on that!
  • Hornets tickets: When we lived right in Uptown we used to go to the games all the time but haven’t since we moved so I know Chappy is going to appreciate these!
  • Pistachios: Every stocking needs some type of snack or treat and Chappy will scarf down all of these in minutes!
  • Yeti Tumbler: I swear guys love anything Yeti so you really can’t go wrong

Alright now time for bubs List. The best thing about shopping for a baby is first, the don’t really neeeeedd anything, and second you can get them stuff that will be useful for you as well!


  • Bib: I LOVE shirt style bibs for Waylen. This way he can wear any cute/expensive/favorite outfit while eating spaghetti and I don’t have worry!
  • Toothbrush: Waylen STILL doesn’t have teeth but they’re bound to come one of these days, right?
  • Llama llama: Waylen loves all the llama llama books so when I stumbled across this stuffed animal on amazon I had to get it!
  • Teether: Since 11 months in we still haven’t gone through the horrible teething phase i figured I’d get prepared
  • Universal Lid: When I saw this cup at Target I just had to grab it! The universal lid fits on any cup, who knows if it’ll actually work but it seemed like a great cup to try!
  • Toy Car: Waylen has just really started to love playing with his other toy car so I thought this one would be a fun addition!

And that’s it guys! Now get shopping because you only have a short two weeks until Christmas morning!

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