Waylen: 12 Months!

Somebody pinch me!

My itsy bitsy little baby is not little anymore. (And okay, I guess at 8lbs 2.5 oz he was never thattt itsy bitsy.) I’ve blinked and Waylen is somehow a year old already!

These days Waylen is constantly talking up a storm and getting into some serious mischief. He still loves to pull everything out of his drawers and off his shelves. I’ve seriously given up folding his clothes or organizing his books. He also still loves climbing up the stairs, pushing his walking toy, and playing in his ball pit. His favorite toys are anything that makes music and still constantly goes after the dogs water bowls.

He still isn’t walking on his own but I swear it’s because of his chunky feet. He has just started to stand independently for short spurts sooo maybe walking isn’t too far off? And guess what? STILL NO TEETH! He has been drooling more and sometimes messing with his ears sooo maybe they’re coming?? Seriously though, who knows?! I mean they have to come eventually right?! Ha

These days Waylen loves giving kisses, waving to strangers, clapping, drinking out of a straw, and crinkling his nose. He has started feeling a little shy when in groups of new people but is quick to warm up to them and of course he is still our very happy/ easy baby! We are so blessed!

Motherhood has truly been the best thing that has ever happened to me. I always said when I grew up I wanted to be a mom and it really has been a dream come true. I’ve been blessed with the most perfect baby and I swear I’m not being biased when I say that. He’s the happiest baby I know! Naps like a dream, never complains when we take him out (which is often,) sleeps 11+ hours every night, and probably has only cried an hour TOTAL in his entire life. Likeee if you haven’t met him, you should, because he is pretty awesome and you’re definitely missing out!

Whoever said you can’t have a life once you’ve had children is SO wrong. My life started with baby Waylen!

Happy 1st Birthday my sweet little bambino! Mommy and Daddy love you SO much!

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