Waylen: Choosing to Wean

I could seriously cry. Waylen is officially a year old and after a lot of thought and conversations with Chappy we decided it was time to wean.


We’re being selfish- kind of. We want more kiddos and that’s just not possible for me while breastfeeding. Some people can get pregnant while breasting while others can’t until they completely wean. (Like who knew?!?) I’ve seriously tried what seems like everything to avoid completely Weaning! Waylen sleeps 11+ hrs at night, went from nursing every two hours to only twice a day, I’ve upped my calories, cut out caffeine, ate healthier, pumped instead of nursing. Nothing worked so here we are at the one year mark choosing to Wean.

Luckily Waylen could care less! I switched him from nursing at night to a sippy cup of BM a few weeks back and he didn’t mind at all. Even when we gave him his first cup of whole milk, he didn’t even notice a change. We even actually tried to get a cute nursing picture during his cake smash session a few days ago and he straight refused. Towards the end he seriously would only nurse in the morning and if I didn’t offer it I swear he wouldn’t realize he was missing anything.

So the main reason we were able to come to the conclusion to wean is because Waylen truly doesn’t seem to miss (or want) me. He’s much more interested in actual food these days. Sad for me but at least it’s not sad for him. Now if he was all about nursing I’m not sure we would have come to the same conclusion to wean. I’d like to think we would have but gosh it would be SO hard to say no to that face!

I’ve been so lucky to have an easy breastfeeding journey and will forever cherish those memories with Waylen! I even get teary eyed while writing this! I can’t believe it is actually over but hopefully this choice will lead to my next little nursling! Wish us luck!

2 thoughts on “Waylen: Choosing to Wean”

  1. I am still nursing my almost 1 year old. He asks for it at bedtime and once during the night. While I love nursing him, we also want more kids and rather soon if possible. So I’ll continue to offer him alternatives because I also did not get my period back yet.


    1. It’s crazy, I didn’t even realize it was a thing until I had Waylen! Ideally we would have started trying for #2 when he was 11 months but that’s kind of hard when you don’t have a period 🤣.


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