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The Produce Box- GIVEAWAY!

I’ve pretty much tried any and all food subscription boxes that deliver to my area. I’m usually underwhelmed and feel like they’re overpriced. (This may also be because I am a slightly crazy meal plan/ budgeter. Ha) But times are changing!

I recently came across The Produce Box and fell in love! They offer local produce (and other products) delivered right to your door. Each week you get to pick from a list of different box options or even built your own. My favorite part about The Produce Box though is the Blemish Box Option! I am a huge advocate for reducing food waste and one of the easiest things to do is not trash produce just because it’s ugly! A small lump, bump, or bruise is no reason to throw it out and I’m so glad The Produce Box agrees!

That’s why I’ve teamed up with them to giveaway a free box! Scroll down to enter!


The Produce Box is happy to offer a chance to win a FREE WEEK of fresh, locally grown produce delivery!

The Produce Box’s mission is to help you feel good about the food you eat and make an impact for local farmers across North Carolina! We have been bringing the farmers market straight to the doors of our members for more than ten years. And it’s more than just fruits and veggies. The Produce Box offers local meats, breads, and cheese, too. There’s no commitment to order every week­ – skip a week anytime. Choose the type of box that’s best for you: large, small, organic, gluten-free, fully customized, and even meal boxes! Join The Produce Box in supporting more than 70 local farmers and be a part of improving our community and local food system.

Enter here for YOUR chance to win a FREE WEEK of produce:

Free Box Raffle

Also get $10 OFF YOUR FIRST BOX when you enroll ➡️ HERE!

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