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Waylen: 21 Months

I can’t believe the next post I’ll be writing Waylen will be 2!!

He is getting so big and has such a personality now! Some of his favorite things are riding his strider bike, hanging out in his crib, body slamming on pillows, cooking in his kitchen, feeding his baby, and reading. He seriously LOVES reading! We will sit every morning and read at least 30 books straight through! He seriously cannot get enough of it!

He also loves to say hi to the garbage men and yard guys. He’ll even go out with his leaf blower and join the yard guys when their outside on Tuesday! It’s so silly!

Waylen’s still not a huge talker but he’s definitely made some big improvements this last month! He finally makes all his animal noises unprompted; dog, cat, bird, cow, horse, lion, bear, sheep, panther (for the Carolina panthers!) He also says mama, dada, this, yes, out, and off unprompted. He repeats all the alphabet letters and will repeats most words when asked to. He still signs and uses that as a main for of communication.

Now we have not officially hit the terrible twos but Waylen has definitely developed a little attitude sometimes when he doesn’t get his way. He usually hits at the wall or ground and will sometimes get real dramatic and fall to the ground. If he hits at mom or dad he’s usually pretty regretful and will immediately come to give a hug and kiss. For now, as long as he’s not hurting anything or anyone we just ignore the behavior and he stops!

I still can’t believe I almost have a two year old on my hands though! It’s amazing how fast it goes buy but I really don’t know what I would do without my little best friend! He is seriously our world!

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