Nursing Friendly Clothes

Alright guys- one part of my “nesting” this past pregnancy was essentially throwing away all my clothes. It was all fun and games until I realized I had nothing to wear once this baby popped out, especially nursing friendly options!

Now nothing on this list is going to be a nursing top or dress. I hate them all ha. Mostly because they’re usually oversized and ill fitting and you’d never really want to wear them after you’re done nursing. So instead I filled my new wardrobe with fun, cute, and practical items that I can wear years to come!

For those first few days home from the hospital I wanted something comfy and practical for nursing but also something I could wear out in public. With your first kid you mostly stay home but with your second you’re always on the go so I wanted to make sure I was still presentable ha. These were my absolute favorites!

Cowl Neck Tunic


Hensley Sweatshirt

Now that it’s Spring, (even though it definitely snowed in Charlotte the other day – like WHATTT) I found some other comfy, practical, yet lighter options that are super easy to nurse in!

Amy Surplice Top

Wrap Tie Top

Button Front Top

French Terry Overalls

Drapey Blouse

Some other great options for easy nursing- stretchy or cropped t-shirts! Here are some of my go-tos:

Striped Tee

Daisy Tee

Cropped Tee

Hope this list helps all you nursing mamas out there! I am all about my clothes being convenient, comfy and cute and all of these fit those categories! I’m no breastfeeding expert but I find it super easy to nurse in regular clothes by just using the undershirt method. Pull the top shirt up, undershirt down. Simple and you don’t even need a cover because your top shirt provides some modesty! When using a wrap top or one that I unbutton from the top I’ll simply use a small burp cloth for a little more modesty. It’s that simple, no need for crazy covers or huge blankets, plus it makes nursing a lot less stressful!

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