Overalls Haul

Alright guys so I’m kind of known for two things, being the girl who eats a lot of donuts and also the girl who wears a lot of overalls.

With my newly postpartum figure I decided it was the perfect excuse to invest in more overalls, because you can never have too many right??

Here are some of my favorites:

Short Black

I’m really into black denim these days so of course I had to snag this great pair from A&E!

Demin Pinny

After I bought Kennedy a black Pinafore I was on the hunt for my own. I ended up getting a black one on sale from ASOS but they’re sold out now so here’s a cute light denim alternative!

Soft Grey


White Tomgirl

Whether buying white overalls with two kids was a smart idea is yet to be decided but I just couldn’t resist this Tomgirl pair!

Short Jean

These are the perfect classic pair of overalls! I usually wear a 2 at H&M but I sized up to a 4 for these!

Now since Chappy told me I don’t “need” any more overalls (ummm EYEROLL) I decided to snag some for Kennedy instead. Here are a few of my favorites for her! Take that Chappy! Ha

Short Light Wash

If you’re looking for a classic overall these are a great pair to snag. I loved this pair because of how soft they were compared to typical denim overalls. I mean Kennedy’s only a few weeks old and still sleeps 90% of the time so I want her to be comfortable!

Blue Striped

These are adorable and have the perfect little V-ed back

Polka Dot

Muslin and perfect! Love these polka dot overalls

Demin Pinafore

I’m so obsessed with this black Pinafore that I searched the internet in order to find myself a coordinating pair!

Okay- now everyone, go buy yourself all these so I won’t feel as weird for owning 17 millions pairs of overalls!

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