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1 Month with Kennedy

We’ve officially made it one month is baby K, more importantly though we’ve officially survived tax season!!

This month has seriously flown by! I can’t even believe I’m writing this post already!!

Kennedy is officially up to about 10 lbs, (we haven’t gone to her doctors appointment yet to get the official numbers.) She is the sweetest little thing but is definitely not our amazing sleeper like Waylen was! Mostly because she is SO gassy ha (I mean not very lady like little miss.) Honestly though it’s so sad when she’s fussy because she’s clearly uncomfortable.

She has a few times a day where she just can’t seem to get comfortable and it breaks this mamas heart! We even tried gas drops – horrible fail! Apparently they either work wonders or make things WAY worse. We lucked out (ha) and got the way worse outcome so we promptly stopped those. We have added a probiotic into her diet though so that has given her some relief! On good nights she’ll go 3-5 hours between feedings and on bad nights she can’t settle until close to midnight and then is up every 2 hours. Luckily since starting the probiotic we haven’t had many bad nights anymore and she no longer has her little fussy period where she needs to be held.

Some of her favorite things are watching brother play, mamas milk, getting her booty tapped ha, and her solly wrap.

Waylen is still being an awesome big brother, though of course we’ve had some jealousy at times. Typically just when he’s overtired or gets hurts. He still loves helping burp her and giving her the paci. The best is when he runs up randomly to hug and kiss her though. So cute!

I cannot wait to see them together as they grow older!

Postpartum Body:

One month out and I’m feeling back to my normal self! I’m officially down all my baby weight without exercise or watching what I eat. I actually was down by two weeks and since then have actually gained one pound back which I’m actually excited about. Once I get cleared for exercise I *may* start working out. Ha we’ll see! As of now I’m not worried about my figure, just trying to make sure my milk supply stays up so I can feed my chunky little babe!

Here’s some progress pictures from the last month. These show home from the hospital, 1 week out, 2 weeks, and then 3 weeks out.

Here is what I’m looking like at one month postpartum:

Now remember, everybody’s body is different! For me I usually struggle to keep on weight when breastfeeding. I know everyone will say “aren’t you lucky” … but in reality it’s stressful having to worry about loosing too much weight, especially when I’m trying to produce enough milk to feed my child. It’s not fun getting down to an unhealthy looking size- which is exactly what happened with Waylen- and it effects more then just my size. I struggled when we wanted to start trying to conceive again and I wasn’t ovulating because of my low weight. So just realize, it’s not as glamorous as it seems!

Go HERE to read Waylen’s one month update!

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