Tips for the Stay at Home Mom

Whether it’s permanent or just for Maternity Leave, being able to stay at home with your baby is seriously the best gift a mother can ask for but let’s be real, it is not a walk in the park. Did you know that stay at home moms have higher incidences of depression? It’s true! And after weeks staying at home on maternity leave I can see why. Being home with a child is hard work. It’s hard to be solely responsible for a tiny human. You spend the majority of your day trying to mold their little brains while also being devoid of any real adult interaction. It is imperative to make sure you make time to take care of yourself both physically and mentally. Here are a few tips I have for any Stay at Home Momma 

  1. Get Dressed. I cannot emphasize this one enough! You need to get up and get ready for the day even if you have zero plans, actually, especially if you have zero plans! When your babes are little you can easily get away with that sweat pant life but it will take a tole on you mentally. Even if it’s just some cute athletic wear, I’m telling you, take the extra time to get ready for the day! 
  2. Exercise. Whether it’s a hard core fitness routine or simply a stroll in the park. Get up and get active! Getting those endorphins flowing will really make a difference! 
  3. Take time for yourself. Get your hair done, get a manicure, take a bubble bath while you guzzle down a large glass of wine. Just make sure you take time out for yourself. If you want a happy baby you need to make sure you’re keeping yourself happy and healthy as well! 
  4. Get out with your friends. Whether you bring the baby or not, make sure you get some quality adult interaction. I am still not ready to leave Waylen for longer than a quick trip to Target but I still make sure to get out with my friends, just with baby in tow. Go to a brewery, dinner, walk in the park, or simply just hangout at someones house; do anything that keeps you from only baby talking for the rest of your life ha. 
  5. Embrace nap time. Everyone always says to nap when the baby naps. If that helps you, great! For me that doesn’t actually help me. (If needed, I like to nap after Chappy gets home from work.) I used nap time to get my chores done and it literally makes me feel so much more accomplished. Even if I don’t have any plans, have been in the same sweats for days, and haven’t showered in who knows how long, getting my chores list done makes me feel like a rock star ha. 

Of course every momma is different so find what works for you! These are just a few of the things I found that have really helped me keep it together, especially since Chappy has been working every day. It is SO important to take time for yourself but even more important not to feel guilty about it, so don’t! Just always remember that a happier momma leads to a happier baby in the end! 

Now here’s a cute picture of my “boss” just because 

And yes that is a roll in the middle of his forearm ha. He is clearly well fed!

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