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Miscarriage Follow Up

So I did a thing. I wanted to do a follow up from my post from the other day (if you didn’t see it you can find it here) but every time I went to write it I would end up on this like crazy, rambling rant. It was hard for me to focus all of my thoughts into a blog post so instead I decide to just ramble away and film it for you all to see.

The video is raw, uncut, and literally just taken on my iPhone because my computer is currently broken. It’s horrible lighting and not the most flattering angle but that what you get when you try to film it right before your baby wakes up. Ha! I didn’t do multiple takes and to be honest I haven’t even rewatched it. It’s pretty much as real as it gets

Please take a listen and tell me your thoughts!


5 thoughts on “Miscarriage Follow Up”

  1. I never got why you hide pregnancies either. When you are pregnant it controls your every thought and then you cannot talk about it? And even if I miscarried I would not be able to hide it from my friends and family. But maybe I am not honest and open with everyone.


  2. I definitely know how you’re feeling! I had a miscarriage in October and the baby would have come on our anniversary. We weren’t trying but I would have loved that baby so much! It’s hard to know how to grieve, I feel like I didn’t at first cuz I wasn’t sure how to deal. It wasn’t until months later that I could really process what had happened, and really cry about it. We never forget💙 also the greater thing is October is miscarriage awareness month. #iamthe1in4


  3. I completely agree about it being so ridiculously taboo to talk about it! There’s such a stigma and there shouldn’t be. I had a missed miscarriage. The baby was due in November. At 8 weeks everything was fine, the baby had a strong heartbeat, etc. I continued having pregnancy symptoms and all that. We thought we had made it to the end of the first trimester, but at the 12 week appointment the ultrasound showed the baby’s heart had stopped. There weren’t any signs beforehand, so of course we were shocked and devastated. I thought I was coping pretty well, but lately feel like maybe not! Anyway, I’m sorry for your loss and thank you for reaching out to others on here.


    1. Ah I am so sorry for your loss! Truly something no one should have to go through! And I actually feel the same way sometimes. Most days I’m okay but then some I feel like I’m right back in it. I hope you find comfort and are able to move forward 🖤 thank you for sharing!


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