Waylen: 18 Months

Guys, Waylen is 18 months old!! It almost doesn’t even seem real! He is still the sweetest little babe and is pretty much always happy! In the last few months we went to the Columbia Zoo, Raptor Center, California, and even left Waylen with a babysitter for the first real time!

His favorite things these days are sweeping with his broom (or mine ha,) the outdoors, birds, planes, cruising it on his bike, building with his LEGOs, cooking in his kitchen, waving to the garbage man, and reading

He also still loves food! Anytime he’s upset, just give him a chip, cracker, cup of cheerios, etc. and he’ll be happy! Seriously anything crunchy! He’s also getting pretty good at working his fork and spoon! We now use them at every meal and be only uses his hands a few times when there’s not much food left.

He’s still not much of a talker though. He’ll say mama, dada, yeah, yes, no, all done, and please. That’s pretty much it! He does make some animal sounds to identify them though; like nay, meow, and rawr and also communicates with us through sign language. He regularly uses the sign for more, all done, milk, please, and bird. Honestly he’d probably use a lot more if I was better at teaching it to him!

It’s crazy though how much of what we say he understands! Anytime (well, unless he’s cranky) I ask him to do something for me he does. He’ll open the front door when the doorbell rings, he’ll get the dogs leases when I say it’s time to take them out, he goes to the stairs when I tell him Campbell woke up from his nap, just a few examples.

Now, the last time we talked Waylen had sprouted 10 teeth in 6 short weeks. Well guess what? Now he has 16! And the last 5 all came within about 3 weeks. Waylen does not joke around when it comes to getting teeth!

Waylen seriously seems like such a little adult now I can’t even believe it! It’s going to be crazy when he really starts talking! I just can’t even wait to see what else he learns in the next 6 months!

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