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8 Months with Kennedy

Another whole month?! How can it be?? Kennedy is officially up to 16 lbs and is still as short as can be.

Kennedy is such a little explorer. She’s constantly army crawling across the entire house and loves making her way across the kitchen to get the dog bowls or all the way down the hall to the front door to get into Waylens kitchen. She’s started to pull up on things and even managed to get herself INTO Waylens bookcase and up on his trampoline. She’s quite adventurous.

Her favorite things these days are saying “dada” on repeat, getting into mischief, eating, playing with Waylen’s old ball tower and stealing all of Waylens cars.

Her sleep was totally messed up by the time change which really threw us for a loop! She survived a 3 hour time difference like a champ both California trips but one hour change and she’s all off! We’ve finally got her back to sleeping until 5-530 though! Hopefully we can get that to a little later in the next few weeks 😅

She is still my happy, smiley little girl despite being slightly clinger (which is totally normal for this age.) She also has the best scrunchy little breathy laugh when she wakes up in the morning and after naps and it is seriously the CUTEST thing ever!

She’s still holding on to some birth hair 😆 but she also has some solid peach fuzz that’s about an inch+ long now.

This past month she also got to sit in a pumpkin and join the gang trick or treating. CANNOT wait to see what this next month has in store!

HERES Waylen’s 8 month update.

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